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Sotolone Natural (Dimethyl Oxyfurone)

Item#: 502364  CAS: 28664-35-9  FEMA: 3634
Odor Strength: Very high
Odor: Extremely Sweet, Caramellic, Maple, Brown Sugar

Sotolone Natural, also known as caramel furanone, sugar lactone, or fenugreek lactone, is an extremely potent sweet-smelling flavor and aroma compound. At higher concentrations, sotolone smells like fenugreek or curry, while at lower concentrations, it has much more of a caramel, maple syrup, burnt sugar aroma. Sotolone is the dominant flavor and aroma component of fenugreek seed and is often used to create artificial maple syrups, or add a thick maple note to a variety of products. Along with fenugreek, sotolone can be found in molasses, aged rum, aged sake, and white wines.

Fun Fact!

This molecule can pass through the body mostly unchanged and therefore can retain its aroma. If someone is to consume a decent amount of sotolone, it can cause their sweat and urine to take on its sugary maple scent.

Sotolone Natural (Dimethyl Oxyfurone)

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