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Sulfurol (Milky)

Item#: 505047  CAS: 137-00-8  FEMA: 3204

Odor: Animalic, Yeasty, Nutty, Milky, Sulfurous

Milky sulfurol is usually found in trace amounts in fragrances to achieve interesting results. Due to the fact that it has a sweet and animal- herbaceous scent, it is sometimes used in heavily floral fragrances as a modifier or fixative. It is not very powerful on its own so it needs the support of stronger fragrances to make it shine.

Fun Fact!

Milky Sulfurol is almost completely insoluble in water, and poorly soluble in cool alcohol. It is only soluble in either hot alcohol or hot oil.

Vigon’s Sulfurol (Milky)

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