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Tea Tree Oil Australian 100% Pure

Item#: 507522  CAS: 68647-73-4   FEMA: 3902

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Citrus, terpenic, nutmeg, pine
Taste Description: Terpenic, spicy, nutmeg, fatty, cooling, minty

Tea Tree Oil is distilled from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree.  The plant, which is a leafy evergreen shrub, is farmed in Australia.  It is acclaimed for its use in aromatherapy and personal care products. Its strong terpenic, spicy, citrusy character balances perfumes such as Bogue 07738 and Myropol Jardin d’Hiver.

Tea tree shrubs are grown commercially for the aromatherapy and fragrance industries on vast plantations in Eastern Australia.  The shrub is harvested once every year, although a tree can live up to nearly 30 years.  Melaleuca Alternifolia is harvested on a large scale using efficient combines, that cut twigs and leaves from above and then pulverize the botanical for immediate processing.

Steam distillation is the process used to manufacture Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil.  Pressurized steam releases the aroma compounds housed in the plant material and allows them to evaporate with the steam.  The steam then passes through a cooling chamber, which condenses steam to water.  Since the essential oil is less dense than water, the fragrant oil decants to the top of the chamber and can then be lightly skimmed off.   The resulting tea tree essential oil is a 100% pure extract that is rich in terpinen-4-ol, and many other terpenes such as terpinene-gamma, terpinene-alpha, terpinolene, cymene-para, pinene-alpha, aromadrene and more.

Tea Tree Oil is highly pungent with minty terpenic, and piny edges.  The oil is used by perfumers to brighten formulas to complement accords with sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli.  Its freshness compliments woody or musky formulas.

Tea tree oil boasts a variety of aroma therapeutic virtues. Its invigorating, cooling scent awakens senses and clears airways, and overall supports a healthy immune system.  The oil is antimicrobial and antibacterial, and possesses antiviral properties. It is known for its effectiveness in skin care, specifically to heal irritation and restore smoothness. It can also be diluted into a household cleaning solution.

Vigon’s Tea Tree Oil Australian 100% Pure

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