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Avocado Oil

Item#: 507697 CAS: 8024-32-6

Odor Strength: Medium
Odor Description: Odorless
Taste Description: Tasteless

Within the past few years, avocados have quickly risen to top of the health food craze. The vibrant green veggie is seen adorning toast, sandwiches, and green smoothies. Recently, avocado oil has quickly gained popularity in the food industry and personal care and beauty industry.

Avocados, formally known as Persea americana, are native to Mexico and South America. There are three main varieties of Persea americana: West Indian, Guatemalan, and Mexican. Because avocado trees never have a dormant growth period, harvest time for avocados varies with temperature and climate. Avocados are harvested by hand once they reach maturity. Once they are removed from the tree, the fruits begin to ripen.

There are multiple methods in extracting avocado oil, but nearly all methods begin with removing the skin and seed of the avocado and pressing the pulp. Then, the pulp is mixed with cold water (called malaxing). After malaxing, the mixture is sent through a centrifuge to separate the fresh avocado oil from the pulp and water of the fruit. Finally, the oil is filtered to remove any natural particles or plant material. Sometimes, additional filtering is done to remove compounds like chlorophyll, the organic chemical that gives plants their green color, as this process can an avocado oil with a higher smoke point. An oil with a higher smoke point is useful for many culinary applications. Avocado oil can also be extracted using solvents to chemically extract the oil.

Avocado oil has gained a great deal of attention due to its minimal processing and health benefits. Like many healthy fats, the oil is rich in omega-3s and fatty acids. These compounds are incredibly beneficial to hair, skin, and nail health. Avocado oil is often formulated into moisturizers and emollients for the both the hair and skin. Avocado oil can also be used to keep household items- like wooden furniture and utensils shiny and supple.

Now more than ever, larger brands are using avocado oil to produce consumer goods- due to its trendy “superfood” status. Avocado oil based butter substitutes, salad dressings, and even potato chips fried in the oil have been popping up in mainstream super markets.

Vigon’s Avocado Oil

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