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SymSave H (Hydroxyacetophenone)

SymSave H (Hydroxyacetophenone) is a new, but proven multi-functional cosmetic ingredient. It acts as a preservative booster, anti-irritant, and an anti-oxidant. As a preservative booster, it improves the efficacy of various preservatives like phenoxyethanol, organic acids, and many others.

SymSave H is backed by impressive data in a range of formulations including shampoos and high level SPF sunscreens. This ingredient demonstrates excellent stability at high/low pH levels and temperatures, does not destabilize or “break” emulsions, and is FEMA/GRAS listed. SymSave H offers an affordable solution for mass market products.

If you would like to see more information or are interested in receiving a sample, please contact Samantha Mimlistch at or 570-422-6018.