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Jasmine Absolute

Item#: 503974  CAS: 8022-96-6
Odor Strength: Medium
Odor: Sweet, floral, musky

Jasmine is a very common scent found in perfumes and colognes. Jasmine holds a very sweet, green and floral smell, yet also contains a slight musky, woody scent. The petals of the Jasmine flower are very delicate, making it rather difficult to extract oil from them. The most common way to extract jasmine oil is to produce an absolute, which is a highly concentrated liquid extract. A two-step process is used to create this absolute. First, solvent is added to the petals, then evaporated through distillation, leaving behind a waxy substance, which holds the scent. This solid, aromatic substance is the concentrate. Second, the solvent must be extracted from the concentrate. To do so, a form of grain alcohol is added to the concentrate. The mixture is set in a temperature at about 115-140 Fahrenheit, separating the mixture. Finally, the alcohol is distilled, leaving behind the Jasmine Absolute, which is a deep orange, red color.

Fun Fact!
Hundreds of years ago in France, fragrances were successfully extracted from the Jasmine flower using odorless animal fat!

Jasmine Absolute India 100% Pure

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